That time I suddenly got a job and totally wasn’t really ready

September 4, 2014


Either I’m hitting a string of luck or it was just a fluke, but I applied for and got a job within 2 weeks of living here. I wasn’t expecting a thing to come of it, like always, so when I got a phone call one morning from the clinic, I was shocked. First of all, I never usually answer phone calls from numbers I don’t know but for some reason, I answered the phone and I feel like if I hadn’t, she’d have moved on to the next person. They were looking to fill a position asap for an xray tech to cover another tech who was going on vacation. It was so immediate and sudden that I was to report to work the next day. No interview either. I still hadn’t unpacked my scrubs anywhere…I’m still not sure where they disappeared off to so I had to go to a local scrubs store and buy some and they are NOT cheap. I usually buy discounted scrubs online but they wouldn’t get here in time. And of course, after 3 days of working, they told me that they prefer us to dress up and not wear scrubs anyway so as to give off a more professional and personal vibe. So what a waste of money… plus I don’t really like to work in my nice clothes. I get sweaty and it’s uncomfortable. I hate deciding what to wear the night before where with scrubs it doesn’t matter. I don’t even have dress pants that I like. I look ridiculous in them. At least I can wear sneakers but those don’t really go with dress pants and skirts. Can you see the conundrum?

But also, it was so sudden that I didn’t even have a chance to google the job location before I said yes. The woman on the phone told me she used to live where I live and it would take her 45 minutes to get to work. Well, she was waaaaay off. It takes me an hour and fifteen minutes one way and that’s speeding. Driving that far alone is a huge anxiety trigger for me, not to mention to a new place that’s 80 miles from my home and in a state that I have never been to before. So I’ve been a nervous wreck these last few days. Colorado drivers really like to ride your ass at 80 mph on the highway. Not cool.

But the clinic is great. The xray exams are easy. The people are nice. But I’m overwhelmed by the amount of paperwork I’m responsible for as the only tech on site starting next week after training. So I’m filing patient films, pulling them for surgery, pulling them for pre-ops, checking them back in when done, working up the daily schedule and giving those films to the doctors in the am. There’s more but i cant even explain it. So if I have a question or I miss something…well let’s just hope that doesn’t happen. I don’t mean to sound like I’m complaining. It’s just I don’t think I was mentally prepared to start working so soon after moving especially working all alone without any guidance. I haven’t even changed my license or got an oil change after our x-country trip!

The good news is after next week of working alone, I’ll only have to go in once or twice a week after that. I’m not interested in full time work right now, especially not that far away. And they seem willing to work with me and what I want. Too bad they aren’t just a teeny bit (ahem 70 miles say) closer to home.

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