The one thing I really hate about Instagram

September 6, 2016

I love Instagram. It’s certainly my most favorite social media platform. I’m always in the Explore feature finding new people to follow. And whenever someone follows me, I make a point to stop by their account and if I feel like we have some interests in common and might enjoy their feed, I follow them back….much like anyone would do.

But I made the mistake a few months ago to install one of those follower-tracking apps where you can see stats on your posts, best times to post, new followers, unfollowers, mutual followers, followers who leave the most/least comments, etc. And with this app, I’ve noticed a HUGE running trend among Instagrammers with fairly large followings (like 10k-30k+) where they will follow you, and whether you follow them back or not, they automatically unfollow you a few days later, therefore growing their follower count more and more while their following count stays hovering around the same 3 digits making them look oh so desirable beause their follower to following ratio has a YUUUGE difference.

I know this because I can see who unfollowed me in this stupid app. And they most definitely have this app too because the unfollowing seems to to happen like clock work, and with so many people they are doing this to, they have to keep orderly track somehow. For example, they might start following me on Monday, and by Friday, I’ve been unfollowed. Because surely I should’ve had enough time by then to have logged in and followed back.

This is such a shitty game to play! And it’s amazing at how many people do it! It makes me angry that these Instagrammers, especially who totally already have like 20k+ followers, are doing this. What more do they have to prove? After seeing this happen to me so often, I promised myself I wouldn’t follow back just any ol person who followed me first, and especially if their follower count is so huge. Having such a huge following is like a litmus test to whether I want to follow this person back or not. Since this person has 19.2k followers and is only following 603 people and I’m one of them, chances are they will unfollow me later in the week (which they did).

I can understand people unfollowing the accounts that aren’t following them back, because everyone wants to feel loved and be “mutual” with who they are following, interests change, I get it. But to do it with the sole intention of only growing their own follower count, and to have a huge ratio gap between those two numbers is really fucking stupid. And they won’t be fooling me anymore.

Since lots of my hashtags involve kid things or motherhood things, the majority of the accounts that do this to me are related to kids and pregnancy and kid’s fashion. Yea, I’m calling you out! But I’m pretty sure this happens in any kind of genre.

Because of this stupid app making me feel shitty, and now somewhat paranoid, anytime a regular person who isn’t playing this follower game chooses to unfollow me (which is totally fine, I don’t care), I can’t help but wonder if the last thing I posted was the deciding factor for them to unfollow me. And if it was a pic of Lachlan, it kinda hurts and makes me feel crappy.

I really need to delete this tracking app, but at the same time, I use it now as some sort of protection against these kinds of accounts because chances are, if they have thousands upon thousands of followers, what the hell are they doing following little ol me? Must be something in it for them.


Moral of this story: Follow only the people you truly love and who’s photos you want to see in your feed everyday. If they unfollowed you, ask yourself if you would you still follow them anyway. Those are the accounts you must truly love.

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