The prettiest project bags for knitters and crocheters

August 6, 2017

I seriously had so much fun hunting for the perfect project bag for my WIPs recently. I still haven’t bought the one yet as the shop owner is on vacation, but I made my decision and it’s going to be the cactus drawstring bag (#1) below. But in my search, I favorited a bunch of other amazingly fun bags on Etsy that I put together in this nifty little collage. Some are sold out, some are still available. Regardless they made the cut. The links to these bags and their shops are listed below. Happy crafting!

1. Neon cacti waxed bag from That Crafty Little Fox
2. Llama knitting bag from QuiltKnitCraft
3. Rainbow project bag from cherryplumtree
4. Aqua birds zippered bag from Ovationstudio
5. Patchwork mermaid adventure bag from MadeByRachel
6. Giant cacti bag from JHendryDesignCo
7. Peachy floral bag from EllisonLane
8. Mega peekaboo bag from DarnYarnMN
9. Floral knot bag from SaxiBags
10. Large knitting bag from Englebrechtmakes
11. Jungle wallet bag from CarverCrafted

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