Things that crack me up

January 26, 2015

I’m going to release my inner teenage boy for a second and list the ridiculously immature things that make me laugh…

  • Funny names that sound like a short sentence fragment like Mia Loser or Seymore Bush.
  • When someone trips (and they don’t get hurt).
  • Any kind of joke about farts, poop, or penises.
  • Learning funny sex terms like ski poling, rusty trombone, or after dinner spinner.
  • When wood in the fireplace makes a sudden loud pop.
  • When an old car’s exhaust system makes a sudden loud bang.
  • Ridiculous YouTube videos like Double Rainbow guy or My Son Is Gay guy
    (including the Adam Sandler video, Secret, from above).
  • Large people on those really little tiny motorcycles.
  • When someone can kick really high when you totally didn’t think they could.
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