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August 31, 2017

I’m linking up with Running with Spoons for today’s blog post.

  • I have nails again! I stopped biting 2 weeks ago and have managed to keep them from breaking or looking like a tasty snack. I’m looking into getting a gel nail kit to do myself at home. I’m hoping the hardness of gel nails will help with the breaking and therefore, cause a relapse in biting. Any recommendations on a kit?

  • I signed Lachlan back up for MyGym classes. We had a long enough break and he’s actually going on more of the activities and doing things right, where before he’d walk around aimlessly and maybe touch one thing here for 2 seconds before moving onto the next. He’s the oldest in his class now so it’s nice to see him as the more advanced one for a change! I think he can tell.

  • I’m knitting my first sweater! It’s for Lachlan so it’s small and in a thick yarn so I thought it was a perfect pattern for newbie sweater knitting. The body is almost done and so far it’s been so easy! I can’t help thinking, what took me so long to jump in? But it’s a fun knit and I reeeeeally hope I got my gauging right and it will actually fit after all this!

  • The other day I saw a giant hawk (at least I think it was a hawk) fly up to and land on a tree really close to our house. He was so big that at first he looked like a Muppet or a small child in a costume! I couldn’t stop looking at him, he was so beautiful.

  • We took Lachlan to a nearby lake with a beach last weekend. He enjoyed walking in the water with his Crocs on and collecting rocks to put in a bucket. We got there early enough to get a prime location with shade, and it wasn’t uncomfortably crowded because I guess the majority of kids are back in school and summer is considered over.
  • Also, I have to mention that Houston TX and all those affected by Hurricane Harvey are in my thoughts! I can’t even begin to imagine the devastation and heartbreak that everyone must be going through.
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