Thinking Out Loud

July 27, 2017

I don’t remember who’s blog I saw it on first, but it seems like fun. Thinking Out Loud is a weekly linkup to write about whatever it is that pops into your head, letting the stream of consciousness flow. Visit Running with Spoons to link up your own post on Thursdays!

  • I’m really excited for the rain storms that are supposed to happen over the next week.
  • I really miss having a mailbox. We have to walk down the street with a key to a little mailbox locker and it makes mailing anything larger than a card a pain in the butt.
  • I’ve been on the hunt for a new project bag for my knitting. I have found a bunch of really awesome shops, just waiting for them to update their shops.
  • I’m already planning on going to the giant, twice-yearly kids consignment sale in September. I’m still not ready to sell Lachlan’s things though. I wonder if I ever will be…
  • You know those signs that say “Please excuse the mess, but my children are making memories.” Well, that quote comes off as smug as hell to me and I actually can’t stand the mess anyway so I’ll find time to clean my house, thank you.
  • I’m starting to regret using those tiny pebbles I laid along our patio’s border. Between Lachlan digging in them and Mabel kicking them up, it looks a hot mess already.
  • My mom wants to learn how to knit! I sent her a few of my favorite YouTube tutorials.
  • I’m still reading IT, but it’s really good so I think I’m going through it faster than I usually do with other books.
  • Speaking of IT, it looks like the movie will be broken up into two movies, one for the kids, one as them as adults. I’m really happy about that because there is SO many creepy cool scenes in the book. I hope they incorporate new scenes that weren’t in the old movie but were in the book.
  • I’m really tired. It’s hard having a littler person who doesn’t understand you, or whom you don’t understand either. By the end of the day I’m completely spent and don’t have anything left to give.
  • But then I’ll sneak into his room while he’s sleeping to look at him and my heart bursts with love and it makes it alright.
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