This week…From really damn cold and snowing to 50 degrees and warm and melting

December 10, 2016

We get cabin fever really quick if we don’t get out of the house at least once a day. Now, when I say “we” I really mean Lachlan. I have no problem not leaving the house (hello? Habitual HOMEBODY?). It’s the little dude that gets cabin fever which seems to be contagious and therefore makes me need to get out of the house in turn. Otherwise, he will stand there, squinting at me, baring his teeth whining, “EEEEEEEEE” with his little hands in fists that shake from the tension (it’s really rather quite a funny sight to see, I try hard not to laugh at him when he does this, so as to not give him some sort of complex). Since, 10 interactive toys in the room, 2 playful pups, and mounds of delicious cheese and yogurt aren’t enough I guess.

So since we are members at the kid’s gym now, we took Lachlan to the drop in play time after Brian got home from work on Tuesday so he could see it too. It wasn’t structured, so you could just let your kid run crazy on all the equipment, which he did, to burn off all that energy. He likes crawling through this giant ball with a hollow center. Afterwards, we grabbed some BBQ from a restaurant nearby, which had really good sides but mediocre meat. When we got home, I noticed Lachlan’s delicate baby hair soaked up all the smoky smell from the BBQ place, which was funny but gross at the same time.

The next day, Wednesday was his actual gym class, which was fun. This time, because were were there the night before, and this was our 2nd class, he was able to focus more in the beginning with the warm up and songs when last week he just wanted to GO GO GO and check the place out and fought me to get off my lap. But the lucky kid, he got to go in a baby swing that was attached to a zip line! The teacher pushed him real fast across the room and he had a tiny little grin on his face as his hair blew back. They also had saucer sleds attached to ropes, so he sat on the sled and I pulled him around the room. He sat on it looking around like, ok so this is happening. His expressions are so funny. He must be thinking, “Entertain me, clown!”

Thursday was the really freezing cold day so we didn’t go anywhere no matter how bored he got. That was the day I brought the ball pit up into the family room because the basement is fah-reezing. And I made cookies.

And yesterday, Friday, was so warm that all the snow melted and we took an epic walk around the trails and neighborhood. That seemed to do the trick. I’m so grateful to live in this state, especially with a baby, because you can always count on it warming up or at least being sunny so you can get out of the house even if it’s the middle of winter.

But yea, I’d love to hear any of your snow day activities you do with your kiddos if you’re stuck inside.

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