This week was for coyotes, crochet, and mini hikes

December 24, 2016

Living in Colorado, I always hear people talking about coyote sightings and how close they come up to the houses because after all, we are living in their land. Anyway, I finally saw 2 of them walking down the trail right behind my house! I freaked because I spotted them only 2 milliseconds after I had already let my dogs outside to pee and I knew they wouldn’t listen to me to! But the coyotes didn’t see or hear them and they continued trotting along like they had business to attend to. Gees, it’s so scary how close they get and how unafraid they are. Some people in the neighborhood have actually lost their dogs to coyote attacks, it’s really sad to hear. I’m thinking I should make my own Lucille and keep it, plus a pair of boots, by the back door just in case shit goes down. So yea, that was Monday!

Tuesday through Thursday were pretty low key. We stayed home, took walks, and didn’t really do much. Gym class was cancelled for two weeks due to Christmas camp, so we might do a drop in playtime next week. Thursday I took on a crochet commission to make some baby toy bunnies.

Friday we went on a mini hike at Mt. Falcon with Lachlan in the ergo carrier. We took him out to sit him on a safe rock for a pic, and he started crying which isn’t like him. I think he’s realizing some situations can be scary. But he also cries when in an elevator and bathroom stall. I didn’t think babies knew to be claustrophobic at this age so I’m not sure what’s going on in his head.

But ALL week I’ve been wracking my brain trying to come up with a name for the crochet and knit shop I want to open. I’m so horrible at that. I feel like I can’t really focus or get started on anything until I have a name.

Anyhow, I hope those who celebrate have a very Merry Christmas!

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