This week was for epic naps and holiday parties

December 18, 2016

Monday Lachlan took an epic nap…nearly 3 hours. Once he woke up we went to the grocery store and then Petco for doggie Christmas presents. The poor pups have been playing with rags and deserved some brand new toys. I’m also counting this day as the first day I’m certain Lachlan’s saying “doggie” which is his first word! It sounds like digg-y or dodge-y, but he says it when looking at the dogs so I’m sure that’s what he’s saying.

Wednesday we went to My Gym and Lachlan climbed a ladder on a play structure (with my hand on his booty in case he fell backwards) by himself. Then he started to wave hi/bye because he saw the other kids doing it during the goodbye song at the end. So another first!

Thursday was warm as heck so we walked to a park to play on the swings. There were high schoolers there because it was their first day off for winter break. It made me realize how old I am. High school was almost 20 years ago for me, holy shit!

Then Friday we went out to breakfast. We had a BOGO coupon. Lachlan dusted two scrambled eggs plus whatever we gave him of our breakfast waffles and pancakes. Kid can eat! Then later that night was Brian’s holiday work party. Our neighbor watched Lachlan for us, which was such a nice gesture. We had a great time, it was at the Bronco’s stadium so we got to take a tour and go on the field….in the freezing cold snow, but it was fun. Oh, and open bar, whoop whoop! And a photo booth too which I went in two more times 🙂

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