Turning left in Pennsylvania? Good luck!

May 9, 2013

We live in the northeastern part of Philadelphia, PA so I am only speaking about this general area, but traffic and driving styles around here are so different compared to California!

In California, if you are at an intersection and need to turn left, you have your own separate turning lane and go on a green arrow. You can take your sweet ass time turning safely. But if you want to turn left at an intersection in PA, you are basically screwing over all the cars behind you because there is no turning lane, no green arrow, and a string of traffic coming in the opposite direction so you can only turn at the end of the green light, (therefore causing everyone behind you to miss the green light) or quickly turn just as the green light comes on, therefore cutting off the drivers in the oncoming traffic when they are supposed to have the right of way.

And what really drives me insane, is that sometimes there IS a shoulder to go in and drive around those left turners, but most of the time, people don’t do this!!

I understand we’re in a smaller area than in San Jose, therefore there are way more one-lane roads than double-lane, but good lord, I need to check myself into an anger management class that focuses on road rage. It’s out of control. At least in June I will be literally just driving down the street to work cutting out all the slow pokes and left turners I get stuck behind now.

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