Turning 31 and baby fever. Where the hell did this come from?

March 10, 2013

My birthday was yesterday and if you told me even two years ago that once I go past 30, I will start having these weird, out of nowhere feelings of wanting to have a baby, I would have laughed in your face till I cried. But seriously, what the hell? It’s like these crazy instinctual mom hormones or something kick the fuck in, giving me baby fever. I was never totally against having children, but I felt strongly about waiting a really long time before having any, much to our parents dismay (tough cookies to them!). And I suppose that really long time has finally come to an end. I was (and still kind of am) incredibly selfish and wanted to get that out of my system before having to give up my life as I know it. Because face it, life will be changed FOREVER once you have a kid and I wanted to be sure that we were good and ready.

Perhaps it’s my advanced age (kidding, I know I’m not that old), or the fact that we are finally going to be buying a house this year, but all of the sudden my ovaries have woken up like the little Sleeping Beauties they are (or Sleeping Bitches, whatever you wanna call them) and are making me realize that I actually do want to start a family. And having actually voiced that to Brian, and having him not freak out, kinda made it official that we are on the same page and want to have a kid. When though, who knows? But at least the decision has been made. The indecision about whether to have a baby or not has been horrible. I guess that’s all a part of growing up.

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