Uncomfortable moments for anyone, really

July 27, 2015

When there is a delay on the phone and you talk when the other person does and then you both stop talking and you both pause and then start talking again at the same time…multipile times.

When you meet up with someone you don’t know but your friend/spouse does know and then your friend/spouse has to leave to go to the restroom, and you are left there with the unknown but nice person and you have to think of stupid shit to talk about or it’s just awkward.

When you are on the highway and going the exact same speed as the person in the lane next to you instead of one of you passing the other.

Eating salad in public. It’s hard to stab lettuce on your fork so you scoop a bushel of lettuce in your mouth all in one bite to get it over with sooner.

When you are having a bad day and go out to the parking lot to be alone in your car and you cry/scream/talk to yourself and only afterwards do you realize there is someone else in their car across from you and they saw everything.

When you are at a gathering and you should know a person’s name but you are totally completely drawing a blank and you have to introduce them to your friend/spouse.

When a party invitation says “no gifts” but you feel like you should bring one anyway only to find no one else did or vice versa.

Being watched while you sleep…and maybe saying something embarrassing.

When someone says something indecipherable so you say, “What?” So they repeat themselves. And you still don’t know what they said. So you keep saying, “What?”

When you’re at an automated machine to buy a movie or train ticket and you have no idea how it works and a line is building up behind you and time is of the essence.

The entire “should I go in for a handshake or hug at the end of this” self-debate. AWFUL!
I tend to feel like people want to hug me because I’m female and it’s some stupid socially acceptable thing to do, where the males just have to do the handshake and that’s not fair! Unless it’s a very good friend or acquaintance I’ve met with a few times previously, I would almost always prefer a handshake.

List your awkward moments in the comments!

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