Unpopular Opinions

January 3, 2017


What a better way to kick off 2017 than with some unpopular opinions! πŸ˜‰
I saw Kate’s version of this and wanted to do it too.

  1. I hate coffee and think it tastes like what burnt dirt might taste like
  2. I don’t like soda. I never drank soda as a kid and now if I drink it, the carbonation burns my throat.
  3. I’ve never read Harry Potter and probably never will
  4. I’m sick of seeing the same flat lays on Instagram with coffee cups and cozy socks and all that goes with it
  5. I don’t care about makeup or fashion
  6. I hate swimming. Probably because I never really learned.
  7. I find cooking stressful and don’t like to do it
  8. Even though I did IVF and was grateful to get pregnant, I didn’t loveΒ being pregnant
  9. I hate the summer. It’s way too hot and everywhere is too crowded.
  10. I kind of like living in an HOA because our street and neighbors yards look nice all the time
  11. I think rom-coms are the worst
  12. I have no desire to eat sushi. Tried it once and that was more than enough.
  13. I like when the stores bring out Cristmas decorations in October
  14. IΒ don’t care if my kid licks the shopping cart
  15. I don’t like most of today’s pop music
  16. I’m not a fan of cities. The busyness, the noise, the smells, the fighting for parking, the crowds are unappealing
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