We cancelled cable and our cell phone plans. WHAT?

We’ve been on a money saving kick lately. Last month we decided to cancel cable. It was beyond irritating at how much money was being thrown at Verizon each month (we had phone, internet, cable) and we still had crap to watch on TV. And then with FX changing to FXX for some redundant reason, we didn’t end up getting that channel even though we were already paying out of our asses so we decided to pull the plug for good. When Brian called them up to cancel, he did ask to see if they’d be willing to lower the cost of just the internet…most of Verizon’s competitors were offering something like $29 a month but Verizon wasn’t willing to go lower than $69. So buh bye! On to Comcast we went for cheap-o internet.

But of course we’d go nuts without any sort of TV so we bough an antenna to get free basic cable channels and we got a Roku box which is this little device that allows you to access all sorts of streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu Plus, Redbox, Amazon Prime, etc. So we signed up for a few of those apps which are only about $8 each a month, way cheaper than that cable bill.

We also cancelled our Verizon cell phone plans. Yes all of these cancellations came with big fat cancellation fees but fuck em. We are sticking it to the man! We found out about a cell phone service called Republic Wireless that has plans ranging from $5 to $40 a month with NO contract. No joke. We chose the $25 a month plan. And we can still do everything our Verizon smart phones could do. Yes, it’s true. The company counts on it’s customers to be mindful when using data, which most people are because they are also done with spending thousands a year on a silly overpriced phone plan. But you can still use your apps and make calls anywhere. It all works by using wifi. So when you are home, you make calls through your wifi. And if you aren’t near wifi, you still have coverage through the Sprint network.

The phone looks just like the Andoid I had with Verizon too. Brian’s been trying it for a month before I cancelled my phone just to be sure it’s worth the cancellation fees, and it totally is worth it. It works great. You can still get your favorite apps and take pics with your camera. You don’t really get much of a choice with the phone you get, but if you’re like us and don’t really care about that then you’ll probably be pretty happy with it, especially knowing how much money you are saving. We are.

So overall, all of this wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be. And I’m totally hooked on Hulu Plus. There are literally hundreds of things to watch on there. I had no idea about that.


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    Sounds like money well saved! We too haven’t had cable in ages (I haven’t had cable since I was a freshman in high school – I just didn’t watch TV!) and I don’t miss it for a minute. We have Netflix streaming + 1 DVD and it works just fine for us. There are a few (as in maybe two) shows we like to watch in real time, and those we watch on the computer together.
    I too subscribe to a no contract phone plan – SO much cheaper than a regular phone contract! While it offers a smartphone, I haven’t purchased one yet (as a SAHM, I have access to a computer all day so not too much need for a smartphone). My plan is $30 a month vs the $75 I used to pay with Verizon.
    Glad to hear it’s working well for you!

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    We just canceled cable too! I was sick of Comcast continuing to blow up the amount we paid every month for some random reason hoping I wouldn’t notice. I seriously had to contact them every other month or so to ask why the new charges (and it was always something like “you got HD!” when we didn’t). Rob switched to StraightTalk for his cell phone and he loves it. When my Verizon contract is up (soon I think) I might just switch too.

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      I HATE crap like that, when you have to go out of your way to make sure someone else is doing their job right. Drives me bananas. It’s so down right sneaky.

  3. Tanya says

    I have been. Trying to talk my hubby into this for a while. I don’t think it will work with only netflix streaming, but adding hulu plus and amazon prime to the mix might convince him. Can you tell us a little more about the antenna for local channels? Would that work for a rural rasa or only for an urban one?

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      I’m not sure about where else it would work since we’ve only had the antenna here, but I’m sure you’d be able to find something with a little googling. We get about 30 channels with it though, granted most are those stupid local cable access channels. but we got the main ones like abc, nbc, cbs, fox, etc.

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    Love it! We ditched cable several years ago, though at our new apartment we just have it included in the rent–haven’t watched any TV yet though, as I hate commercials. We’re big fans of Netflix!
    I’m still on my mom’s phone plan, which sounds ridiculous since I’m an adult, but the rest of the family has smart phones and all that on the plan, so to add my circa 2006 flip-phone is only $5 a month. I don’t need a smart phone since I work from home on the computer all day, so it’s just a great deal!

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      Hey don’t be ashamed! That sounds like a good deal to me :) Plus, once you get a smart phone it makes you feel like you must always check it for notifications and can be really addicting in a bad way. Stay away as long as you can hehe

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    Yes!!! We don’t have cable, just internet. We do have a roku from which we access our Netflix, and that is all! We’ve been to lazy to figure out the antenna we would need for the free channels. LOL :) Good job, you!

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    I love this!
    While my husband and I pay good money to t-mobile for our phones (which is still cheaper than what Verizon wants to charge for the same service), we do save a lot of money by not having TV. I watch most things on hulu while he uses a joint netflix account with my family, so we just pay the electricity to keep it all on. 99% of the time I have no reason to miss having cable! It’s amazing what all you can watch through those services.

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      I agree! I honestly had no idea how many shows Hulu had available. Even shows that are specifically made just for Hulu subscribers….like how Orange is the New Black was just for Netflix subscribers…shows like that. I feel like cabl will end up going away like telephone land lines eventually. It’s just a matter of time.

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    Wow, that’s awesome! We’ve been toying with the idea of dropping our cable TV and just keeping internet. (We have Time Warner in our corner of PA.) Our bill is ridiculous – almost $200/month – and even though we can technically “afford” it, I just get furious when we watch DVDs or Netflix 80-90% of the time and there’s rarely anything on TV we want to watch. (And what is there is kind of brain-rot-inducing…

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      Yea we felt the same way. There’s crap on tv all the time, reruns of the same old movies on hbo and starz and things like that. And shows that we really liked like The Walking Dead, we can pay to watch per episode on Amazon for super cheap. Enough is enough. Think of all the cute baby clothes and toys you can buy Myles with that money! hehe

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    You go girl! It’s good to be smart about these things and look at all the options and see where you can save a dollar or 2.

    I can’t comment on the actual prices, they do look pretty expensive, but I don’t live in the US so my look on it probably isn’t relevant. :)


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    I ditched the TV about four years ago… Netflix and other streaming services have been more than enough for my TV viewing needs. I’m still trying to figure out what to do with my phone though… It seems trendy among some of my friends to transfer your number to Google Voice and then get a prepaid cell/data plan, but I haven’t decided that’s what I’m going to do yet or not.

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    We made a similar move two months ago. We had originally planned only to cancel our home phone and cable, and keep our internet with the same provider. When we called to cancel, they informed us that it would take 30 DAYS to cancel (we had assumed it would be the end of the current billing period) however if we changed our minds and wanted to resubscribe, it would only take 1 day. Ridiculous. We cancelled everything, and went with a low cost internet provider instead. There is no going back. What a relief not to be stuck with contracts and crappy service anymore!

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    My husband and I did the very same thing with the whole cable, tv, apps situation. $16 for both Hulu and Netflix is way better than the fortune we were paying for cable…

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