We cancelled cable and our cell phone plans. WHAT?

November 11, 2013

We’ve been on a money saving kick lately. Last month we decided to cancel cable. It was beyond irritating at how much money was being thrown at Verizon each month (we had phone, internet, cable) and we still had crap to watch on TV. And then with FX changing to FXX for some redundant reason, we didn’t end up getting that channel even though we were already paying out of our asses so we decided to pull the plug for good. When Brian called them up to cancel, he did ask to see if they’d be willing to lower the cost of just the internet…most of Verizon’s competitors were offering something like $29 a month but Verizon wasn’t willing to go lower than $69. So buh bye! On to Comcast we went for cheap-o internet.

But of course we’d go nuts without any sort of TV so we bough an antenna to get free basic cable channels and we got a Roku box which is this little device that allows you to access all sorts of streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu Plus, Redbox, Amazon Prime, etc. So we signed up for a few of those apps which are only about $8 each a month, way cheaper than that cable bill.

We also cancelled our Verizon cell phone plans. Yes all of these cancellations came with big fat cancellation fees but fuck em. We are sticking it to the man! We found out about a cell phone service called Republic Wireless that has plans ranging from $5 to $40 a month with NO contract. No joke. We chose the $25 a month plan. And we can still do everything our Verizon smart phones could do. Yes, it’s true. The company counts on it’s customers to be mindful when using data, which most people are because they are also done with spending thousands a year on a silly overpriced phone plan. But you can still use your apps and make calls anywhere. It all works by using wifi. So when you are home, you make calls through your wifi. And if you aren’t near wifi, you still have coverage through the Sprint network.

The phone looks just like the Andoid I had with Verizon too. Brian’s been trying it for a month before I cancelled my phone just to be sure it’s worth the cancellation fees, and it totally is worth it. It works great. You can still get your favorite apps and take pics with your camera. You don’t really get much of a choice with the phone you get, but if you’re like us and don’t really care about that then you’ll probably be pretty happy with it, especially knowing how much money you are saving. We are.

So overall, all of this wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be. And I’m totally hooked on Hulu Plus. There are literally hundreds of things to watch on there. I had no idea about that.

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