Weekly Snaps (and inconsequential chatter)

April 26, 2015

1. My favorite spot on the trails
2. Reading short stories
3. Doggie #2
4. Discovered a lilac bush in our yard

My head’s been really sensitive to the rain storms lately and so my heads been acting up. For me, I don’t think there’s any worse pain physically than a constant headache. And the dread that comes before it hits, knowing it’s just a matter of time and your plans are going to be put on hold is the worst. I usually love rain but not when my head feels like it’s going to burst. Plus, the rain brings up smells in the grass so the dogs roll in crap that makes them smell like a dead carcass.

Anyway, not much happened this week. I haven’t even crocheted and I have 3 things laying around unfinished. I hate that.

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