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May 3, 2015

1. Mabel hears thunder
2. Copycat
3. Age guesser thinks I’m 6 years younger

As you can tell by my weak-sauce collage, I haven’t been on instagram much this week. I worked Wed-Fri and the days were so super busy, but the strange thing is, I actually liked it. When I’m there with my coworker I don’t feel like I’m of much use and that frustrates me, but when it’s just me there I feel like I’m needed and accomplishing a lot. It makes me feel good. I didn’t even freak when I left late and sat in traffic. Weird.

We did a lot of yard work this weekend though. We raked up all the mulch in our backyard, which was basically the dog’s toilet bowl all winter. Gees Louise, I’ve never seen so much poop in my life. We usually pick up the poo that’s on the grass, but now we obviously know the like to go behind bushes and in the mulch too. So now it’s all cleaned and we put down fresh mulch. Brian hung his Edison style lights too. It’s all ready for spring. We are also getting a retractable awning for our upper deck next week which I’m really looking forward to. I love adding little things to our house to make it ours.

We also went to the first farmer’s market of the season this morning. We had no idea what we’d end up eating for dinner tonight, but it all came together by the time we walked all the way through. We got sauerkraut stuffed pierogies, weisswurst sausages, and some ciabatta bread made with mashed potatoes. Oh my god the German in me is so seriously pumped to eat that tonight.

Oh yea and my parents will be here next Wednesday! I can’t wait. I just know they are going to love it out here. I have a bunch of things planned, my favorite being touring the Celestial Seasonings factory! And a bunch of other little things that I’ll tell you guys about soon enough 🙂 Oh, I can’t wait!

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