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May 17, 2015

1. On a bridge
2. Golden Gate Canyon (in front of the continental divide)
3. Hair cut
4. View from Garden of the Gods

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This week is going by so fast and that makes me sad. My parents got here Wednesday and the days have gone so fast. But I’m excited to have shown themย Colorado and my mom is helping me with a pretty big nursery DIY using her sewing skills.

So far we’ve shown them Golden Creek Canyon and Garden of the Gods and lots of our favorite restaurants. I think I may have gained 5 non-pregnancy related pounds from all the food haha. My mom took me shopping for maternity jeans. It was definitely time lol. All the driving has us exhausted (and I may have cried in the car from being tired and hungry, stupid hormones) so we’re going to spend time at the house over the weekend, hit up the farmers market, and paint the nursery. I already know I’m going to be so sad when they head back to NY on Tuesday ๐Ÿ™

Other than that, I’m enjoying the time off from work. I go back on Wednesday.

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