Weekly Snaps (and inconsequential chatter)

May 31, 2015

1. Our cabin at Rocky Mtn. National Park
2. Pom poms for a nursery diy
3. The rain makes the grass grow so fast
4. Our first official summer bbq

Oh my god, tomorrow is June and it’s finally feeling like summer and that makes me happy. I can’t believe how much rain we’ve been getting. People are saying this is not normal for Colorado and I sure hope not. Maybe now I’ll be more motivated to get walking on the trails again. I’ve been feeling exceptionally lazy and tired still so it’s hard to stay active. I’m not enjoying my scale telling me I’ve been gaining about one pound a week so I think I’ll stop using it.

This past week we rented a cabin in the mountains, started looking into baby registry things (holy crap there’s so much to learn and SO many choices), got to use our new awning, had some delicious Cold Stone birthday cake at a friend’s house, and went to the farmer’s market for more pierogies stuffed with sweet corn. I wish I could say I’m working on my crochet projects, but I still have no desire to pick up my hook and that makes me sad because I know these are the last few months I’ll ever get to do whatever uninterrupted project I want.

But that’s ok because here’s why:

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