Weekly Snaps (and inconsequential chatter)

June 28, 2015

1. Finishing baby’s closet
2. Very happy with the supreme court ruling on gay marriage
3. First failed IVF exactly one year ago
4. Car naps

I was so happy to hear of the supreme court ruling on gay marriage this week. It’s about damn time. I’m also excited to have the closet in the nursery done. Brian did a good job installing everything. And I just love the blue baskets to match the room haha. I’ll share more pics eventually.

And exactly one year ago this week our first IVF failed. I still can’t believe how far we’ve come. I will never forget the pain, the struggle, the bitterness, the sadness, and the sheer terror of the entire process. It’s something that will be a part of me forever: the hurt doesn’t just go away now that I’m pregnant. I don’t think the pain fromย knowing I have no control over growing my family the way I want will ever go away. But through that pain, I have become smarter, more patient, and more able to roll with life’s gut punches.

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