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August 2, 2015

1. 25 week bump
2. Adopted fishies
3. Roadside picnic, waiting for a tow
4. New window install

So if you haven’t noticed yet, I installed a new blog theme. I was getting insanely frustrated with how much my Genesis Foodie theme just wasn’t doing what I wanted it to do, so I gave up and got a new one which was so easy to customize that I had the layout I wanted set up in under an hour. The main change is that you can now see more posts on the main page because of the list layout. That’s all I wanted. Click here to hop on over to see.

My betta fish Rupert died last weekend after having him for over a hear and a half. I was pretty upset. I actually cried over him. A fish. I never cried for a fish before but I did for Rupert. Then just a few days later I saw a posting on Nextdoor that a nearby neighbor was giving her son’s 2 bettas away because he didn’t want them anymore so I replied that I was interested and we worked out a pick up. It was pretty good timing. I was about to get a new one at Petsmart. The one on the right is named Predator. He has that real ugly pouty mouth like the Predator does. The guy on the right doesn’t have a name yet.

Brian’s Subaru stalled out while he was on his way home from work and picking up pizza for dinner. Of course I was starving my face off so I met up with him on the side of the road to eat while we waited for a tow. We still don’t know what’s wrong with the car. It’s at a garage and of course the thing they fixed didn’t actually work. So let’s just hope it doesn’t cost a fortune to fix. Otherwise he may just get a new used car. One that has car seat capabilities. It doesn’t have a latch system. Ughhhh money fucking sucks. Why does the universe always want to take the monies?

And with the help of a friend of ours, we successfully had a new window installed. We actually saved the monies doing it ourselves for once! The original broke while we were getting the carpets cleaned 4 months ago and Brian opened it. While the window was out and we were looking at the inner workings of the house wood, we saw just how shoddy an installation job the builders did. You pay thousands and thousands of dollars for a home, one of the biggest purchases of your adult life, and all it really is, are a bunch of sloppily slapped together pieces of plywood and crooked nails. Makes me think even worse of humans and their lazy carelessness.

But anyway, being 6 months pregnant is……uncomfortable. It’s going well, but I’m starting to get uncomfortable and know it’s just the beginning until the end. I’ll be posting my 2nd trimester bumps and must haves on Wednesday since I’m nearly in my third trimester! So I’ll explain more then. Now it’s time for a donut.

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