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September 27, 2015

1. Pastries for breakfast
2. Kenosha Pass, CO
3. Mabel being cute
4. Bye feet!

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My parents just booked their tickets to come out for 2 weeks when the baby’s born! They are staying through Thanksgiving and I’m just so freakin excited. To think the next time I see them, there will be a baby here and they will be grandparents. It’s nuts!

So childbirth classes are done. I found them to be very helpful and my anxiety level has gone down a little bit. I know Brian got a lot out of them and he feels more confident in being my labor coach. I was impressed with our hospital in that it actually encourages you to have the birth you want, won’t pressure you into a c-section for unnecessary reasons, lets you wear whatever you want to labor in, will put in an IV that can close off so you aren’t tethered to the bed, has rooms with tubs, candles and lights that dim. I was really impressed on the hospital tour. I mean come on, they even have fresh chocolate chip cookies available everyday in the recovery wing. I always had in my head that all hospitals were evil, sterile, cold places that did things to you against your will but this hospital broke that irrational cliche I had in my head for years.

Our teacher for the class is a doula, and I really loved her energy so I hired her to be my doula. That also reduced my anxiety a little bit more. She’ll be coming to our house once things start kicking off. So overall, I’m still pretty anxious (no surprise) but also excited that I won’t be feeling like crap for too much longer but more importantly, we get to meet our son! My doula is so excited about being at our birth. She said, “We’re going to have a BIRTHDAY PARTY!” and I wish I could have her enthusiasm about birth too haha but that’s why I like her. Because I’m going to need someone like that when I’m basically feeling like I’m going to die.

Right now I’m almost 34 weeks. Sleep seems to be the worst of it. Some nights I’m literally fighting with sleep. Like my body will jolt awake in that heavy moment right before you are about to fall asleep. It’s so bizarre. Brian is even having strange baby dreams. And I wake up feeling like I was hit by a truck. The worst is the hand, lower back, and butt cheek pain. Yes butt cheeks. The muscles in my glutes get so cramped up it’s insane. Side sleeping was never my thing so I definitely can’t wait till I can sleep on my stomach again which prevents those cramps. I also had to take off my rings to allow my fingers to take on their natural sausage-like state. Sexy!

What’s left……I still have my GBS test to take, breastfeeding class, hospital bag to pack, baby clothes to wash, and a car seat installation check. But that’s it!

And we have a name. It’s top secret though. But what a relief!

But yea, I’m pretty stoked for it to be fall, and thanksgiving, and to have this baby! I love this time of year.

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