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October 11, 2015

1. Car seat check
2. Itty Bitty Yoda
3. 35 week bump
4. Clover jumbo hooks

I had our car seat installation checked at the hospital. Of course it was installed wrong. The stupid latch system makes no sense. “They” tell you the safest place for a baby in the car is rear facing in the center back seat yet most cars don’t have the latch system in the center back seat, only on the two sides. So Brian used one latch from the right and one from the left to secure the base but you aren’t supposed to do that. Sooooo you have to use the seat belt in the middle seat to hold the base in. IDK I just do what they tell me. It feels looser now though with the seat belt which makes me nervous.

Then on Friday we met up with an L&D nurse to go over our birth “wishes.” I appreciate that it isn’t called “plan” because things never go to plan and we all know that. While there, I pre-registered and answered a hundred health questions so I don’t have to when I arrive in labor. I really like the department there. Oh, and I finally chose a pediatrician. Weekend hours was something important to me as well as after hours on-call docs. And guess what? They are located right across the street from where our embryo was made haha.

I also put together a few baby things we received from my shower. The rock and play  (I’m linking these things so you can see if you want because I had no idea what the hell these things were until I was pregnant) is super cute and in the family room for now, but the automatic bouncer my mom got us didn’t work so we took it back for an exchange. I hope the next one that comes doesn’t have the same defect. It’s super cute and I like the automatic bounce function, it’s not just a vibration, so I really want it to work. Then Brian put together the pack n play which we’ll be using in our room as a sleep and changing station at night. Only 4 weeks and 3 days till my due date and I wanna be sure all the stuff we got works and isn’t broken. I also got a big exercise ball I plan on using as a birth ball. It feels really good to sit on my knees and lean forward on it since that’s as close to lying on my stomach as I can get. GOOD GOD I miss sleeping on my stomach. So do my hips and back and arms and shoulders.

And I suppose nesting has started to kick in because out of nowhere I completely cleaned out all the drawers in the kitchen and purged a bunch of crap leaving us with 2 empty drawers for baby things. I freakin love throwing out old useless shit!

Let’s see, non-baby related things: we are binge watching season 5 of the Walking Dead so we can watch season 6 on Sling as it airs…I nearly got sick during all the cannibalism parts. Rick looks so handsome since shaving off his beard. We ate out a bunch of times this week…breakfast, chinese, bar & grill. Brian is working on stripping the deck so he can repaint it. There’s lots of areas with chips and stuff needing repairs. And my wrists and hands are hurting even more now at night but I won’t let it stop me from crocheting since it’s all I really feel like doing at this point. I’m starting a new project making an ombre ripple lap blanket. I’m ready to be done being pregnant and meet this little guy!

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