Weekly Snaps (and Inconsequential Chatter)

February 8, 2015

1. The shawl that inspired the re-opening of my Etsy shop
2. 70 degree weekends
3. Hormone injections continue
4. Chicken pot pie muffins. Thanks Pinterest!

Hiiiiiiii! I’m feeling super excited because I cleaned out my inbox. Isn’t that silly? Less clutter = more clear mind.

Anyway, let’s see. This week I have FINALLY got around to taking shop-worthy pictures of my crochet projects because I’m going to be re-opening my Etsy shop as soon as I get my shipping materials in the mail. I’m so pumped. I’d love to make a little extra cash to feed my yarn habit.

Last Tuesday I made those little biscuit chicken pot pie muffins, the ones you see all over Pinterest. And they came out so good! There’s only 4 ingredients so it was kind of hard to mess up, but the fact that I succeeded in making dinner that night gave my ego a little boost.

Also, two weeks until embryo transfer! I’m feeling tired, having lots of headaches, and hot flashes keep me from sleeping at night. But otherwise, I’m a fucking emotional mess fine. I’m going in for my first acupuncture appointment Saturday. There’s studies that show acupuncture improves success rates for IVF because of increased blood flow and decreased stress. And my clinic fully supports and actually encourages patients to go ahead and do it. So I am. It certainly can’t hurt. After all, I’m not afraid of needles anymore.

Anyway, I hope you all have a stress free, easy going week. Mondays suck so hard. I already have the Sunday night blues.

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