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March 22, 2015

1. It’s spriiiiing!
2. It’s spriiiiing!
3. St. Patrick’s Day pups
4. Dolce and Gabbana being ignorant about IVF & gay adoption
(I’ll be blogging more about this on Tuesday)

Let’s see. This week we had such warm weather. But I know it’s probably not the end of winter, that silly bitch always overstays her welcome.

We were totally adulting this weekend too. We bought new toilet seats for chrissake. It doesn’t get more adult than that. That shit’s boring (no pun intended)! The previous owners had those disgusting ass-molded soft cushion-y toilet seats (Why!? Why do those even exist? Yuck!) and I don’t know how we (or I especially) made it this long with the gross out factor of keeping them until now. A soft toilet seat seems a bit personal, right? I mean it’s soft so germs work their way into the plastic and underlying foam, it’s hard to disinfect properly because it’s plastic and foam, and it’s been squished by the other homeowner’s ass cheeks everyday for however long they lived here. Blech! How embarrassing.

We also bought a new hose and one of those hose winders to keep it neat and tidy for the front yard. Then we washed our cars with it! So adult and suburban.

I think we need to cut down on going out to eat too. There’s just so many places nearby! I’ve never been one to go out to breakfast much before because the stupid lines with stupid people waiting to eat would take all the fun out of it. But here, we haven’t had to deal with lines. Probably because we get up so damn early now so Brian can give me my progesterone shot in the butt, and I’m also a raving lunatic if I don’t get some hashbrowns. I’ve been all about Waffle House, Urban Egg, and The Egg and I for breakfast. And for dinner I like to wear my yoga pants and outside slippers to Denny’s….to get more breakfast but for dinner at like 5pm. I like my eggs scrambied, thanks Mr. waiter!

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