Weekly Snaps (and inconsequential chatter)

April 12, 2015

1. National sibling day
2. A rain storm that never came our way
3. Watching Rupaul’s Drag Race
4. Hike in Deer Creek Canyon

There really isn’t too much to “chat” about this week. Guess that makes the “inconsequential” part of this blog post pretty accurate. I called out of work on Wednesday: Wasn’t feeling too well. But Friday was a busy but good day at work.

There’s a pretty large shopping center near our house that has everything you could ever want. So when we are feeling especially lazy or having a craving for breakfast for dinner we go to Denny’s. That’s where we went for dinner Friday. And then right across the parking lot is Target. So that’s where we went to pick up some butter and salad….only we ended up leaving with butter, salad, an art print and a storage ottoman.

Saturday we went on a little trail through Deer Creek Canyon which was really beautiful. And today is for crochet. Ready for another week.

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