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April 19, 2015

1. To read
2. Packed away my winter clothes (and too soon apparently).
3. It’s national infertility awareness week
4. How to remove overly sensitive instagram followers: Post this pic haha.

On Friday, the day after I packed away all my winter sweaters to make room for spring clothes, we got HAMMERED with snow and sleet. And of course it was on a day I was to drive to work. I got 10 miles into my commute before the sleet completely freaked me out and I turned around and called out. The snow melted over the next two days from rain, but gees what awful weather.

Last night we went to The Melting Pot for fondue. The restaurant is in an old library which was pretty cool. Only when they took us to our table, it was 2 levels below sea level and I instantly felt claustophobic. Our booth was in a little alcove with an archway above the entrance so it felt even more enclosed like a catacomb. The humidity from the steam of all the fondue pots made it even worse. I started feeling sick pretty quick and I was afraid I was going to throw up from panic but I managed to keep it in check. The food was really good though. I just felt bad for my panic ruining our date. After we finished, Brian went to the men’s room. There was a sign in there that said, “If you want to stir things up, offer to share the last strawberry with her.” And in the ladies room was a sign that said “If he offers to share the last strawberry, he’s totally into you.” Haha! That was so cute!

As I came out of the ladies, Brian was reading some articles that were hanging on the wall. One was a certificate of high haunted activity in the building. Ummmmm what?! Apparently the building used to be a prison before it became a library and prisoners died in there. And the other was an article talking about how some of the bartending staff would sometimes feel a strange pull below their feet. And there was also reported activity in the third stall of the women’s restroom. THANK GOD I WENT INTO THE SECOND STALL. Omg that was so freaky and cool!

But I don’t think we’ll be going back there unless we can get an upstairs window seat or a spot outside when it’s warmer.

Here’s a video clip that was on the news about the haunted Melting Pot!

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