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February 15, 2015

1. Minty burrowed in for a snuggle
2. My childhood Kermit slippers
3. Valentine’s weekend menu
4. Nap assistants

This week. Hmm, I took too many Estrace pills by accident on Monday. I thought my calendar said to take 2, but no, it said to take one 2mg pill. I knew I’d mess up with these directions eventually! At least it wasn’t a big deal. I ended up being increased to 2 pills anyway a few days later, but I’m not supposed to take them at once so that’s why I felt like royal shit on Monday because I popped them both with breakfast. I also was having issues with my antibiotic so I had to take a probiotic to counter the crap that was happening. Didn’t you know that IVF is really all a test to see how well you can follow directions?

Also, I think I’m going to start going down to 2 days a week at work instead of 3. The drive is stressing me out terribly and I’m trying hard to stay in a zen-like mood as much as I can. I’m also starting to more easily lose my shit from the estrogen I’m taking the closer we get to transfer (I cried when someone wouldn’t let me merge on the highway. Like full on tears and sobs). And to help counter balance that stress (as well as increase my uterine lining), I went in for my first “real” acupuncture appointment yesterday. It was wonderful!

My “not real” first experience with acupuncture was by a doc I work with at the place I take xrays. I asked him to do a few pokes on me to see what I thought. I don’t know if it was nerves or what, but he really hurt me with those little needles and I left thinking that acupuncture isn’t for me. And from what I hear from other women going through infertility treatments, is that it’s not supposed to hurt. Some of them have even fallen asleep during their sessions. But I really wanted to give it another chance with someone else because IVF success rates apparently increase with acupuncture and blah blah blah.

So my nurse (who I still haven’t seen in person yet, we’ve only talked on the phone and over email because this cycle I hardly ever have to go in…) recommended a lovely acupuncturist who is very familiar with my clinic. She will come to the clinic during embryo transfers if hired, and does acupuncture on women before and after to increase blood flow. So she offered to do a free session on me yesterday so I could see if I’d indeed like to have her come to my transfer and do 2 sessions on me there. And it was so wonderful!

It sounds scary, but she put a needle in the top of each ear, 1 in my inner arm, 2 in my lower belly, 1 in my inner knee, and 1 on the top of my foot. But it didn’t hurt at all, just a small tiny pinch and then a relaxing buzzy feeling throughout my body ensued. She left me to relax on the table for 20 minutes which I almost fell asleep during. I felt nice and heavy like before you fall asleep at night.

When we were done, I told her more about our situation and how we only have this one shot, and I totally started sobbing like a blubbering idiot. She gave me a hug and made me feel better. She sees people like me all the time, but I still couldn’t help but feel bad for ugly-crying on her shoulder, mascara running, having just met her for the first time 40 minutes prior. She really sealed the deal with me when she said she will be very protective of me during transfer. Since I have to have a full bladder, she knows how uncomfortable it can be, so if the docs are running behind, she will kindly let them know. I feel good knowing I have an advocate on my side!

Anyway, even if there is no proof in the pudding (in regards to acupuncture actually increasing pregnancy rates), it certainly helped to relax me and so I’d like to see her on a weekly basis if I do get knocked up, to help calm my nerves until the first trimester is complete.

Outside of all that, for Valentine’s day, Brian surprised me with flowers in a pretty mason jar, 2 mini bundt cakes, and a delicious menu for the weekend. He certainly knows the way to my heart and it’s FOOD. He made scallops on Friday night, an egg and sausage scramble for breakfast Saturday morning, filet mignon on Saturday night and sauteed chicken on Sunday night. He’s the bomb. I laugh my face off whenever I think of this meme and everything we’re going through:

Can I keep going? I’m on a role.

  • I started watching Spartacus, the series from Starz. Damn. Those guys. They get naked. Yup.
  • I’m finally almost done with Outlander. I’m dragging it out because I’m #16 on the wait list for the 2nd book in the series, Dragonfly in Amber, and I don’t want to be without.
  • I’m opening my Etsy shop very very soon!
  • I really enjoy writing in my one-line-a-day journal. It’s starting to be a nice little tradition before bed.
  • I signed up for YarnBox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (<–I’m that excited)
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