Weekly Snaps (and Inconsequential Chatter) x 2

March 1, 2015

1. Snow walk
2. My first YarnBox!! (Blog post and review to come)
3. My first progesterone shot was no joke
4. Figured out how to knit, continental style

1. Bed rest after embryo transfer
2. Latest Stitch Fix
3. Transfer day went perfectly
4. My new laptop, which I’ve decided to keep btw

It’s x2 the chatter because my old laptop officially took a shit and I missed last week’s weekly snaps. And I mentioned in my last post that I may not end up keeping my new laptop for various reasons, mainly because Windows 8 is the devil, but I figured out a way to totally deactivate the stupid charms bar that would pop up every 2 seconds and it has since been wonderful, so I decided to keep it. Yeaaaa, I’m keeping my baaaaabyyyy.

Anyway, last week and most of this week, we got hammered with snow. But no big deal because I’ve been off of work and it’s been marvelous. I’ve put a few clicks on the ol’ couch-dometer.

I also got my first YarnBox! I’m so so pumped about this subscription box. Once I signed up, I stalked all their social media to see what yarn came in prior boxes and it got me so excited. So when mine came I thought it would be fun to do an unboxing vlog and review, but I just couldn’t do it. It sounded so phony and awful so I scrapped it. I’ll be writing up a review in a normal post coming soon. I wanna finish the project I made with the yarn first.

And this week was only one of the most important weeks of my entire life. This week I had my embryo transfer and that’s the reason I’ve been off work. Technically, after 48 hours you’re allowed to go about your life, but I took it upon my self to be totally stress free and I’ve been enjoying every minute. The transfer went perfectly. It was such an amazing moment. I’ll share more if we get good news.

That’s really it for now. I’ve been mainly focusing on being calm, happy, and creative.

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