What I miss about blogging

November 9, 2015

I keep reading that the beginning of the end of blogging is near. Hearing that makes me sad, but I think I sort of believe it. Obviously things have changed over the years in the blogosphere. Comments have decreased, Google Friend Connect has ended, people have moved on to monetizing their blogs which readers claim causes the content to take a nose dive. Here’s a few of the things I miss about blogging since I started, idk, 5 or 6 years ago….

  • Swapping blog buttons with friends and putting them in your sidebars.
  • Finding new blogs from those sidebar buttons.
  • Remember #FF on Twitter?
  • The anonymity. People I know in real life eventually found my blog which makes me uncomfortable so I’m much more censored than I’d like to be.
  • Not having to do sponsored posts, but you need to make a little $ back to pay for the cost of running a Wordpress blog.
  • The interactions in the comments. Now most people use social media to talk, which is fine, but it feels like you’re blogging to no one most of the time.
  • Using Google Friend Connect. I have no idea why some people still have this widget up on their blogs though because I thought the service ended years ago?
  • Not knowing about/not using Google Analytics. Now, looking at my stats does nothing but depress me.
  • Being so excited over uploading a new layout you made. Now most people read along in feed readers so they never pop over to take a look.
  • When bloggers would write about their lives, interests, passions, and have pretty pictures. Now everyone is a pro and has an ebook or class to sell.

What else do you miss?

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