What the fuck is this “mommy brain” thing?

August 12, 2016

My brain is a jumbled mess, I have a hard time remembering words, and for some reason, I keep thinking it’s 2017.

Is this “mommy brain” thing for real? Before I had Lachlan and would heard someone use that term, I thought it meant more like, “I’m a mom now and can only think of my baby so nothing else matters to me” but it’s actually tried and true memory loss due to your brain shrinking from hormones and shit, and it’s freaking me the hell out.

I threw out a bunch of perfectly good Pampers coupons because the expiration date said 6/30/17 and I’m all like, oh, well shit they didn’t give us much time to cash those in did they? And I didn’t even realize it until weeks later, when I got another Pampers coupon that expires in 2017, and I was like, oh crap I bet that other coupon had the same expiration date. Ummmmm.

Other stupid things I’ve done:

-I couldn’t recall the word for primary doctor and I said, “you know, the main doctor, like home base doctor?” when my neurologist asked me who my primary was. She had just said it like 20 seconds before too.

-I made THE WORLD’S EASIEST crock pot dinner the other night (seriously 4 steps) but I had to keep reading them over and over again. Probably because Lachlan was yelling but I find it insanely hard to concentrate when I hear him making any noise at all.

-I can’t remember my pin number so I pay for things with credit.

-Another crock pot recipe was for pulled chicken tacos, but the thought to buy taco shells never crossed my mind.

-If it’s not on the shopping list, no matter how bad we need it, I won’t get it.

-When someone tells ME to remind them of something, I just say no because I seriously won’t remember to tell them.

-I’ve nearly lost my phone by leaving it in the library after I left it next to the computer to look up a book’s location. Once I got the info I needed, I just turned around and walked away. I got all the way to the place I wanted to pick up lunch at when I realized it was missing, because fucking POKEMON, my blood ran cold, and I ran like hell (uphill with a stroller mind you) to get it.

Please tell me this gets better? At first it was funny, like HAHA I can’t remember my own phone number! But it’s been nearly 9 months since I had Lachlan and my memory hasn’t seemed to improve at all. I almost don’t trust myself to not completely fuck something up like leaving my wallet behind for it to get stolen, or accidentally locking Lachlan in the car. And god forbid, if that ever happened, I’d break the window with the nearest rock and unleash the mama bear.

But I did manage to save this baby bunny that fell into our window well, so…

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