What’s on my hook: A tshirt yarn basket

May 23, 2013

crochet basket
I’ve been dying to get my hands on some tshirt yarn, specifically Zpagetti, but it isn’t sold in the US and the website doesn’t ship here either. So after a Google hunt, I found Noodles made by Sullivan’s.Ā  I love the way it feels, and it’s stretchiness. But the skeins of yarn that I got were only 30 yards. The photo was misleading. So I wasn’t able to even start making the rug that I had in mind because once I got to round 3 of the circle, the grey was finished.

But now I know what to expect and I’ll have to save up a chunk of change if I wanna buy enough for to make a rug. $7 for 30 yards is unacceptable and is not a good deal to me. But I’m going to keep my eyes open for some cheap jersey knit bed sheets and I’ll just make my own yarn that way.
tshirt yarn basket
Anyways, I didn’t use a pattern for this basket. Just made it up as I went (and until I ran out of yarn). It’s about 6 inches across, 7 inches high. And I used a 10mm hook. The finished basket is pretty heavy. I like that though.

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