What’s on my hook: Baby dragons

February 4, 2015

Oh my, usually I hate the way my amigurumi turns out. I do good making all the pieces, until it comes to putting them all together. They usually come out looking deformed to me, but this little dragon I think came out looking pretty adorable.

I won’t lie, I totally cursed and swore a bunch when it came time to sewing on the head pieces and appendages to this cute little dragon. Usually when I make an amigurumi animal, I will leave the bottom open before I finish off so I can stick my needle inside to attach the outer pieces so I can hide my knots inside. Plus I get really nice clean stitches doing it this way. But with this pattern, I had to stuff it and finish off first so I had to sew on the pieces from the top. Which really killed my fingers! I felt like the little old lady in Happy Gilmore who says, “my fingers hurt!”

But in the end it was worth it. I swear, our future baby will have so many handmade toys. That is part of the motivation behind making these pieces.

You can find the free pattern here on Ravelry.

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