What’s On My Hook: Bolster Pillow

May 7, 2013

I was excited to start on this pillow because of it’s different shape but I was unsure of what colors I wanted to use. Such tough decisions!! So it ended up taking me over a week to decide due to my stubborn indecision. It was originally going to be all greens and blues but I ran out of different shades so I added the purple and yellow. The project originally started with the first green color you see and since I wasn’t about to undo everything to begin again with the yellow, I just flipped the entire piece upside down and joined onto the green that way. You can’t even tell the yellow stitches are really upside down. But whatevs….

Yarn colors are from Knit Picks – Wool of the Andes Worsted Yarn (there’s 99 color choices! Yowsa!) and I used a size J (10mm) hook. The tube is made with double crochets, and the circles are made with half double crochets.

All I did was make a piece wide and long enough to fit over the pillow (a duh), joined the 2 sides with single crochets to form a tube. Then I made 2 circles for the ends and joined them on with single crochets as well. The circles had more stitches than the tube so it was uneven joining, but I just alternated adding 2 single crochets in random stitches around.

crochet bolster pillow

crochet bolster pillow
crochet bolster pillow

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