What’s on my hook: Cabled beanies

October 14, 2015

Stephanie made yet another adorable crochet pattern: Cabled Beanie Version 2. I altered it to make one for the baby too. I have one more on my hooks that looks just like the one she made with the cutest faux fur pom pom, but I ran out of yarn and need to hit up Michael’s for more.

Cables are yarn eaters! But you get such a squishy end result. For these two cream hats, I finished up a lightly used Pound of Love. I must of had 6 inches left! Plus, the pom poms use a ton of yarn too.

So for now here’s the three that I finished!

For the blue hat, I played around with sizing and made the band with a hook one size down, and then with the recommended size hook, I made the hat body with an extra 5 FPDC to make the it a little looser on top so it wasn’t so stretched while being worn which allows the cable design to look more squishy.

And the pom poms were made with Clover pom pom makers. I freakin love those things!

I used to be terrified of cable stitches (and frustrated as hell) but I swear, once you get the hang of it, you fly and don’t even have to look at the pattern. It’s really not as intimidating as it looks.

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