What’s On My Hook: Chester the Cheezy Cheetah!

May 1, 2017

Fresh off the hook, actually, this giant amigurumi was a labor of love! In case you don’t know who he is, Chester is the mascot for Cheetos. I made this for my Dad to strap to the back of his Harley. I never thought I’d make something other than a hat or scarf for him! He’d been on the lookout for a plush Chester but couldn’t find one anywhere for a reasonable price. Apparently they are collectible now or something. So I took matters into my own hands and solved that problem!

The pattern is from Erin Scull’s Toy Store on Etsy, and I believe it’s safe to say this is the only pattern anywhere of Chester the Cheetah! I couldn’t find any others. It was very well written, detailed, and as you can see, the end result is a pretty accurate portrayal of the character. Erin is very talented to have written such an accurate and detailed pattern, while at the same time keeping the skill level easy. She also has over 120 other crochet patterns of cartoon characters in her shop. It’s worth checking out!

My favorite part of Chester are his hands. I just love how big they are, and how the orange fur comes down overlapping the white hand. Details like that really take it up a notch.

And I also really love the ridge on his nose.

And look at those kicks!

When Chester is standing, he is 18 inches tall, and very top heavy! So there is a shish kabob skewer inside to help hold his head up on his neck a bit better.

But dang, I’m really proud of how he came out! It took me forever to complete, mainly because I was doing other WIP’s in between breaks. I’ll be sure to share a pic of him on my dad’s bike soon!

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