What’s on my hook: Coasters

May 14, 2013

Online Crochet Class

I mentioned briefly on Sunday about a quick and easy patten to make crochet coasters and I wanted to share it with you. I think my going speed was 6 coasters per 1 average length movie. And for me that’s fast!


After I made those first 6, I started the next day making the rest with the idea that I’m going to buy some fabric stiffener, toss those babies in there, and hang them on a wall in our office/craft room in some creative pinterest-y way.

You can find the free pattern here, on Coats and Clark.


The yarn I used was the same Wool of the Andes yarn that I used for my bolster pillow and bobble border pillow. I really love working with it and the colors are delicious.

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