What’s on my hook: Color block pillow

May 27, 2014

I was really craving a craft project last Friday but couldn’t settle on something and I found myself becoming grumpy with frustration. What the hell is that even called, crafter’s blue balls? So I went through my crochet pin board and found a pillow I’ve been meaning to make and when I realized I already had just the perfect yarn for the project and didn’t have to buy yet MORE yarn, I was sold.

I love that this pattern is made of one piece. Instead of making 2 rectangles and stitching them together, this pillow is a long tube with only one side needing to be joined. How? The very first row is made by crocheting on both sides of the base chain which forms an entire side already joined. Then you just continue around and around. I remember when I first figured out how to do that, my mind was blown.

Just check out the pattern to see what I mean. The color block cushion pattern can be found here.

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