What’s on my needles: My first knit shawl

April 5, 2016

Pattern: Bernat Triangle Shawl
Yarn: 2 skeins of Cascade Casablanca in Rainbow (affiliate link)
Needles: US 9 / 5.5mm with 36 inch circular

This was my first real knitting project since teaching myself with YouTube videos last year. And it’s the perfect pattern to start with because it came with its own video tutorial! I started this back around Christmas but between Lachlan and being bored with huge projects, I set it aside (more like, in the dark closet) until I felt like getting back into it. I was cleaning out our closet of old jackets 2 weeks ago when I found it and decided to get it done. There’s a few mistakes from a dropped or twisted stitch every here and there, but this project was simple enough for a newbie that I didn’t feel overwhelmed and instead learned a lot, like how to increase, join in a new yarn, and cast off. I like that the yarn was worsted weight so I could see and hold onto the yarn easily, and best of all, the only stitch you need to know how to do for this particular shawl is the knit stitch. The next shawl I’m planning to make uses fingering weight yarn so I’m worried the tininess will be hard to manage. But I’m up for the challenge!

I will say, as pretty and vibrant as this yarn is, I found it to be a bit itchy while wearing it around my neck so I can’t see myself wearing this very often. I will try hand washing it to see if that will help. Also, the thickness of the yarn changed slightly throughout the project…so the blue at the end was very thin compared to the other colors before it. Some people may like that, as it gives it a more rustic handmade look, but I like my yarns to be soft, squishy, and have a consistent width throughout.

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