So uhhh, where’s winter?

March 8, 2017

I feel like I’m still waiting around for winter to arrive. I suppose we’re lucky in that way, or maybe not so lucky if it’s really from global warming, but I’ve been wanting it to feel like winter since just after Thanksgiving. And then we had a green Christmas and more confused high winter temps than I can count ever since. It’s certainly feels more like spring with the temps being in the 60s and even 70s! So any snow we do get is usually gone in a few days. Which is nice, but I didn’t get my winter…yet.

It’s so dry around here we could really use the precipitation anyway. The skin on my finger tips split open sometimes and take forever to heal regardless of how much hand lotion I put on. It’s so painful! There’s nights I have to wear band-aids to bed with triple antibiotic ointment to give them moisture and to help with healing. And Lachlan’s legs are really dry to the point where there’s raised red marks that look like eczema. Add that to the fact that when he crawls, his skin is rubbing on the carpet. Aquaphor seems to help though. Even Monty has dandruff!

Apparently we are known to get slammed with snow in March and April around here so that’s when I’m guessing I’ll get my winter “fix” and then be done with it. They say never to plant flowers outside or work on your gardens around here before Mother’s Day because it’s pretty much guaranteed to snow that weekend. Well I’m going to call Mother Nature’s bluff and say, yeahhh I don’t think so. Then maybe I’ll get my snow.

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