Word vomit (aka life lately)

March 12, 2017

I wish I was better at documenting life on here. I have the worst memory, so I often look back on old blog posts to remember things. Since I stopped doing Lachlan’s monthly milestone posts, I kind of forget when he starts doing certain things/reaching certain milestones. And I’m disappointed I haven’t been documenting more about Lachlan and our days spent together. Probably because most days of the week seem mundane and mash into one long day that I’ll call “the week” when I’m full-time momming, and one short day which I’ll call “the weekend” when I can get a break.

My birthday was Thursday, I turned 35. I felt sad and bummed out the night before, but then on the actual day I felt pretty good because of all the birthday phone calls and facebook love. I went to Denver to visit my favorite craft store, bought some yarn, walked around some thrift stores. And for dinner Bri made us filet mignon and got me lots of chocolate. Then this weekend we Facetimed with our folks, bummed around the house. A plumber came to fix our leaky tub and install a regulator or something. Owning a home can certainly suck at times especially when it’s expensive because you have to pay someone else to fix something. I wish I was more handy. Brian took Lachlan out in the bike trailer a few times so I could have some quiet time to myself. But then I felt bad that they went and had fun without me.

There’s so many things I want to do when I have alone time that I can’t get them all done and feel satisfied, so I feel torn between what I should focus that time on. Should I work on my unfinished works in progress? Should I take a nap? Should I take a shit in peace? Should I take a walk? Should I work on my blog? Should I catch up on my Facebook games? Should I text someone? Should I clean the house? Should I do nothing because I can? Should I go somewhere kid-less? And once I decide on what to do, I feel like I need to rush to do it so I can have time left over to do more of the things I should do. So then I still don’t end up feeling satisfied with how I spent the time, I’m always thinking, well maybe I should’ve done this or I totally should’ve done that. Sometimes I feel so selfish but if I don’t have this alone time, I seriously get burned out and turn robotic. I can’t make decisions easily. And I get the Sunday night blues just like anyone else because that means Brian’s gone all day and I’m on my own. It can get exhausting, repetitive and lonely.

Anyway, this week Lachlan started wanting me to do the Patty Cake song more. He will sometimes “mark it with a B” when he feels like it which is pretty cute. He’s also has been dancing more and doing this “RAAAARRRR” sound to get me to play our game of IMGONNAGETYOU ROAARRR! He’s also getting at least 3 of his molars in (it’s probably all 4 but I can only confirm on seeing 3), PLUS 2 eye teeth. So that’s been fun. He always wants his daddy when he’s home so mornings are hard when Brian leaves for work. Kid needs a haircut bad so eventually we’ll get around to taking him somewhere to have it done. I will ruin it if I do it myself.

On Saturday I took myself to a humongous Mom’s of Multiples kid’s consignment sale. I won a free admission pass for early entry on Facebook, which is basically the only way I’d ever even want to go because after a few hours, the best stuff is gone. It was a madhouse in there even with the early pass, but I got Lach 5 books, 3 toy trucks, one of those rainbow xylophones, sneakers, sandals, a rake and shovel set (which is his favorite thing to wield around the house), a push n go caterpillar, a car mirror so I can see him in the back seat, a brand new duplo lego car set, and a pool tube all for $40! I still plan on going to the other consignment sale I’ve been to before because it’s so much freakin fun, and I think it was laid out better than this one. But it’s in April so I’ll have to wait. In the meantime, I’m going to sell some of the older toys Lachlan outgrew or doesn’t seem to care about anymore to make room.

I have to admit, buying toys at consignment sales totally makes me NOT feel guilty for getting rid of older outgrown toys because the sentimentality isn’t there. I highly recommend it!

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